Also Known As Wolfie
Played by Actor Unknown
Species Werewolf
First Appearance Mum's Return (Voice)
Last Appearance Mum's Return (Voice)
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Occupation Werewolf
Spouse Magda Westenra

Patrick is a Transylvanian werewolf with whom Magda Westenra 'ran off with'. He never appears in the Young Dracula series, however in Magda's first appearance in Mum's Return, his voice is recorded on her mobile phone and Vlad plays it aloud. In the episode Baby Dracula, Magda returns to the castle pregnant with a baby whom she convinces the Count is his. However, it is later descvered that the baby is a werewolf and Patrick's son. Magda reluctantly returns to Transylvania with the baby.


Patrick is often seen as a sort of celebrity in the supernatural world, with Magda Westenra being his beautiful girlfriend. He has a mobile phone and has his back waxed regularly. It appears from the message left on Magda's answerphone that he is very much in love with her, and she refers to him as 'wolfie'.

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