Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Family: Magda Westenra (lover)

Wolfie (son)
Patrick's Brother

Aliases: Mum's boyfriend
Special Skills: Shapeshifting
Status: Alive
Only Appearance: Mum's Return (voice only)

Patrick is the father of Wolfie and also Magda's lover. It is not specified whether they are married or not. Count Dracula and Patrick have a long standing rivalry due to the fact that Magda left Count Dracula for Patrick. He is also a werewolf which probably doesn't help. 


Count DraculaEdit

Patrick is the reason for Magda leaving Count Dracula. The Count reacts violently whenever he hears Patrick's name.

Magda WestenraEdit

Magda claims that Patrick is her boyfriend. Patrick even sent her to exploit the Draculas (Series 3). A lot is unclear about Patrick's relationship with Ingrid's mother.

Dracula FamilyEdit

Patrick never appears in the series. Attempts to exploit or murder his wife's family would indicate he cares very little for them.

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