Type: Magic
Associated Persons: Ramanga
Other Associations: The Door to Hell
Only Appearance: Blood Match

Necromancy is blackest of all the arts. It is the power to use magic involving the dead, life-force or souls.

Series 5

Defanged Ramanga

A scarred and defanged Ramanga

Necromancy first featured in "Blood Match". Ramanga, having burst out of the confines of Asan's pendant, speaks of how he entered into the 'Shadow Realm' to speak with the spirits of the ancestors (the Shadow Realm seems to be a spirit realm and may be the place vampires go when they die. He probably entered through the 'Door to Hell'). The risks are high, and indeed when Ramanga returns he has an ugly scar to show for it. Ramanga uses these new magics to create the Noose of Asheron on Malik Vaccaria and Vladimir Dracula. He then attempts to steal the powers of the Chosen One, combining the essenses of Vlad and Malik so the power does not destroy him. The candiate for the binding must be the same gender and a blood relative, which Malik is not.

In the following ritual Malik is killed but Vlad is able to conserve his essence. Ramanga, failing to gain Vlad's powers, is killed by Count Dracula. According to Ramanga the dark arts can only be mastered by someone brave enough to risk their sanity. Indeed it seems Ramanga has lost his. He hears voices and laughs in a maniacal way.

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