Murderer in the Midst
Series 04, Episode 05
Murderer in the Midst
Air Date 26th November 2012
Writer Davey Jones
Previous The Crown of Ludlaw Erant
Next Bloodbound

Murderer in the Midst is the fifth episode of Series 4. It aired on November 26th, 2012


Bertrand is put in charge of finding Ryan's murderer. The problem is everyone has a motive, but he begins to suspect that someone as yet unknown has them running round in circles, especially when his proof miraculously disappears. Vlad is impatient and wants hard proof. Erin is becoming increasingly isolated and worried that rather than letting Vlad get on with his peaceful co-existence initiative he is being distracted and made vulnerable by her presence. She makes a decision to leave, as it is the only way for Vlad's vision for breather and biters to succeed. Vlad is torn.


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