Mrs Dracula
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Dracos Dracula (husband) †

Count Dracula (son)
Ivan Dracula (son)
Arta Dracula (son) †
Boris Dracula (grandson) †
Ingrid Dracula (granddaughter)
Vladimir Dracula (grandson)
Olga Dracula (granddaughter)

Aliases: Granny Dracula
Status: Alive
Only Appearance: Mirror Mirror (mentioned)

Mrs "Granny" Dracula was the wife of Count Dracos Dracula, the mother of Arta Dracula, Count Dracula, and Ivan Dracula, and the grandmother of Boris Dracula, Ingrid Dracula, Vladimir Dracula and Olga Dracula. Her real name is not known.

Mrs Dracula was mentioned briefly in "Mirror Mirror" when Boris Dracula was searching for a cure for vampirism. He called her 'Granny Dracula' and mentioned that she was the oldest member of the clan. This suggests that she outlived her supposed husband, Dracos Dracula. It's said that she hand knitted capes for his birthday.

Family TreeEdit

Mrs. Dracula's family tree

Dracos Dracula
Mrs Dracula
Westenra Family
Giles Family
Arta Dracula
Elizabeta Vaccaria
Count Dracula
Magda Westenra
Sally Giles
Ivan Dracula
Malik Vaccaria
Ingrid Dracula
Vladimir Dracula
Boris Dracula
Olga Dracula

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