Mr. Cuddles
Mr. Cuddles
Owner(s): Vladimir Dracula
Status: Replaced
Location: Stokely Castle then Garside Grange
Uses: Comfort
First Appearance: Baby Dracula
Last Appearance: Fangs For The Memories
"I don't normally sleep with him obviously..."
Vladimir Dracula

Mr. Cuddles was Vladimir Dracula's teddy bear. He was a fluffy bedraggled monkey with green eyes.

Series 2Edit

Mr. Cuddles first appeared in "Baby Dracula" when Count Dracula opened the lid of his son's new coffin... only to find him sleeping with a teddy bear! Mr. Cuddles came to an unfortunate end - Count Dracula bit his head off.

Series 3Edit

In series 3 Vlad comforted the upset Erin Noble with a fluffy monkey. Vlad explained that the previous monkey had been destroyed. He named the new toy 'Mr. Cuddles the Second'. Erin was surprised that the vampire still kept a teddy bear.

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