Other Names: The Crown of Ludlaw Erant
Owner(s): Elizabetta
Age: Old
Location: Garside Grange
Uses: Murder weapon
Only Appearance: The Crown of Ludlaw Erant

A mortarboard is a square academic cap that is worn for special ceremonies at some schools.

The Crown of Ludlaw ErantEdit

The legend told of an ancient vampire named Ludlaw Erant who was murdered when his crown was implanted with garlic tipped thorns.

Disguised as Miss McCauley, Elizabeta presented Renfield with a mortarboard in which she had planted garlic tipped thorns. She told Renfield that it should be awarded to the winner of the senate quiz. Ryan and Malik went up against each other, but Malik, under the instructions of Elizabeta, deliberately tried to loose. Ryan was given the answers by Ramanga. At the end of the episode the mortarboard was placed on the half-fang's head. As the thorns pierced his skin, Ryan let out a yell and fell to the ground as dust.

Miss McCauley later told the Count that she would never consider something as archaic as a mortarboard.

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