Miss Harker
Miss Harker
Occupation: Head Teacher
Species: Breather
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Aliases: Headmistress


Status: Unknown
Appearances: First Day At School - The Mummy
Portrayed by: Betsan Llwyd

Miss Harker is the head teacher at Stokely Grammar School. She has appeared in only two episodes in the first series, First Day At School and The Mummy, where she is played by Betsan Llwyd. Her full name is seen when Chloe finds out about vampires and goes to the head teacher's office, her full name is seen on the door, 'Mina M Harker', which is a reference to the character Mina Harker nee Murry from the novel Dracula (novel) by Bran Stoker. In series two, the roles she would normally take are done by the Deputy Head Teacher

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