Mirror Mirror
Series 02, Episode 03
Air Date 16th November 2007
Writer Unknown
Previous The Yanks Are Coming
Next Bad Reflection
"Start helping, or start breathing"
Ingrid Dracula

Mirror Mirror is the third episode of season two of Young Dracula and first to feature the Van Helsing Slayer HQ and the Blood Mirror.


With the day of his 'transformation' getting ever closer, Boris' 'blood-lusts' and other vampiric traits are starting to show, and are making life increasingly difficult for those around him. Meanwhile, Vlad discovers the Dracula 'Blood Mirror' - an ancient Mirror that controls the power of the Dracula family. Breaking it will prevent Vlad from ever becoming a vampire, but will do the same to every member of his family. With his father being over 600 years in age, transforming him into a human is not recommended...

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