Type: Power
Associated Persons: Vladimir Dracula
Count Dracula
Other Associations: Hypnotism
First Appearance: The Chosen One
Last Appearance: The Darkest Hour - Part 2
A Mindwipe is the removal of specific memories of a human. Sometimes a simple hypnosis is enough, especially with recent memories. A mindwipe differs from hypnosis in that it can remove all related memories over a long period of time.

A mindwipe can be reversed by a powerful vampire. How Jonno and Mina's mindwipe was reversed is unknown. It's possible that the trauma of losing Eric Van Helsing caused them to remember the existence of vampires.

Mindwiped humansEdit

Mindwiped by Vlad at the end of series 2:

Mindwiped by Vlad in series 4:

Mindwiped by Count Dracula in series 5:

Notable usersEdit

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