aka Lady Telecontari

  • I live in the book I am currently reading.
  • My occupation is Serial Wiki Updater, Obsessive Reader, Dedicated Fan-Girl
  • I am panicking over my exams
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  • Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like the wiki. XD

    I actually modified the character boxes to create other infoboxes! So all good. At the moment I'm trying to get collapsible navboxes for the wiki. I have applied for staff help so someone should be around soon to help with that, but in general I'm pretty much CSS illiterate, so help would be appreciated :)

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    • Yeah, it's a pretty awesome wiki ;)

      Collapsible navboxes? I have a template on my home wiki for a collapsible navbox which is easily modified if you want it - unless you've got it in hand which is all good :D Haha, yeah, my CSS knowledge is pretty much limited to a few things but I do suggest sprucing up the top Navigation Bar so it's more decorative which is one of the only CSS things I can do. That said, it may be an idea to go ahead with such things after you get staff help  - with the decor I assume?

      Anyhoo, let me know if you want the template or if you want a clock added or the Navigation Bar changed :D

      FireworksandChimpanzees Drop me a message!

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    • A FANDOM user
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