Magister Maleficorum
Magister Maleficorum
Other Names: The Box
Owner(s): Count Dracula
Creator(s): Unknown
Age: Ancient
Status: Activated
Location: Garside Grange
Uses: Unknown
First Appearance: Flesh and Blood

The Magister Maleficorum was a series of boxes which contained the Blood Seed.


Count Dracula had been guarding it for around two hundred years. It was locked inside a secure chest, but Ingrid unlocked it while searching her father's cupboards ("Flesh and Blood"). She placed it in the kitchen where Renfield, in a panic, slipped and broke the casing.

Effects of the boxEdit

The evil emanating from the box caused the vampires to rot from the outside in.

The reference book listed other stages, stating that the dose of evil became progressively worse over time. Any vampires in contact with the box would suffer boils and swollen tongue, deafness, blindness and imminent death ("The Enemy Within").

The Blood SeedEdit

The Magister Maleficorum was a box which contained something called the Blood Seed. The Blood Seed was a plant which grew when exposed to oxygen. In "The Darkest Hour" George opened the box, allowing the Blood Seed to flourish.


  1. Roughly translated Magister Maleficorum means 'Master of Crimes' in Latin. Maleficorum is the genitive masculine plural of maleficus.
    1. Literally translated, "magister" translates to "teacher". This can be seen as a reference to the myth about the Blood Seed (what the box contains), in which those who bite the seed's fruit learn the truth about the universe.
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