Magda's Fake Diary
Magda's Fake Diary
Owner(s): Ingrid Dracula
Creator(s): Ingrid Dracula
Age: Recent
Status: Most likely destroyed
Uses: Fooling Count Dracula
Only Appearance: TV Addiction

Magda's Fake Diary was a diary dictated by Ingrid and written by Jonathan Van Helsing (under the effects of hypnosis) in "Slaytime TV".

Its purpose was to make The Count believe that Vlad wasn't his son and that his actual son was Robin Branaugh. At first it fulfilled it's goal (with the aid of a botched DNA test conducted by Renfield). However after Ingrid found that her father was paying even less attention to her she revealed it as a hoax and Vlad was soon seen once again as his father's son and heir and Robin was returned to his family.

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