Love Bites
Series 02, Episode 0
Air Date 21st December 2007
Writer Unknown
Previous Insomnia
Next Bodyswap

Love Bites is the eigth episode of the second series.


It's Valentines Day, also known as 'Bag a Breather' day in the vampire world. Vlad must do all he can to prevent his father devouring anyone that day. Problem is, a new girl named Delila (Klariza Clayton) distracts Vlad's attention from this task.

He and Robin fight over Delila, but Vlad succeeds in the end, using his powers of hypnosis to his benefit. Meanwhile, a money-making scam of Ingrid's is ruined by a boy named Will Clark. In trying to seek her revenge, however, Ingrid finds she cannot hypnotise Will. It translates that this is a sign that Ingrid is in love - as Will is a breather, Ingrid is not happy...


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