Lead Netballer
Lead Netballer
Occupation: Student
Species: Vampire (Half-fang)
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Blonde
Status: Deceased
Appearances: Hit Chicks
Portrayed by: Victoria Bewick

The Lead Netballer was head of the netball team. She arrived at Garside Grange with her team, only to be lead into the girl's bathroom by Ingrid Dracula. Once there she and her team were hypnotised then bitten by the young vampiress. As half-fangs they became loyal to Ingrid and formed a militant group (Vampiress Liberation). The Lead Netballer was given a UV bomb with which to slay Vladimir Dracula.

Instead of Vlad she stumbled across Erin in Vlad's room, mistaking her for another member of Vampiress Liberation. Erin told the girl that Ingrid had changed her plan. Curiosity getting the better of her, she decided to try out Vlad's coffin. Unfortunately she still had the UV bomb with her. The bomb was crushed when the lid closed and she was killed by UV light.

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