Le Trappe
Le Trappe
Other Names: Le Trappe (pour vampire)
Owner(s): Count Dracula
Creator(s): Count Dracula
Age: Recent
Status: Used up
Location: Stokely Castle
Uses: Perfume

Love potion

Only Appearance: Love Bites
"I'm Count Dracula, ladies fall at my feet, and if they don't... I'll make them"
Count Dracula

Le Trappe was a perfume created by Count Dracula in "Love Bites". The ingredients of the perfume were rose petals, poodle, grown man's tears and chocolate. The potion made whoever wore it utterly irresistible, even if they were disgustingly unattractive.

Vlad stole the perfume to keep it from his father. When I turned out Delila didn't fancy him or Robin, the two fought over the perfume and spilt it everywhere. They were instantly chased out of the room by hoards of screaming girls. Luckily for them, the antidote was very easy to make. They simply made a perfume with a disgusting smell.

After the jar was smashed, Renfield decided to experiment with the potion. Mina Van Helsing became very attracted to him.

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