Krone Westenra
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Atilla Westenra (husband)

Magda Westenra (daughter)
Lucinda Westenra (daughter)
Ingrid Dracula (granddaughter)
Wolfie (grandson)
Vladimir Dracula (adoptive grandson)

Skin color: White
Hair color: Black
Aliases: Granny
Status: Alive
Only Appearance: 13th Birthday
Portrayed by: Rosamund Shelley

Krone Westenra is the wife of Atilla, the mother of Magda Westenra and Lucinda Westenra, the grandmother of Ingrid and Wolfie, and the adoptive grandmother of Vladimir. She, as well as her husband Atilla, are very strict about vampire tradition (e.g. Wearing a cape at all times, not getting out of your coffin until sunset). She is also a member of the High Vampire Council.

Pre-Series Edit

Before the beginning of the first series of Young Dracula, the Dracula family (The Count, Vlad and Ingrid, as well as Renfield and Zoltan) fled Transylvania after their castle was stormed by an angry peasant mob. Being a strict vampire, Krone saw this as being very against vampire ways to run away from breathers and tried to make them stay. Though he did not speak, it is implied her husband agreed with her. However the Draculas still left and Krone and Atilla never forgave the Count for not staying in Transylvania. She visited the Dracula household once on Vlad's 13th birthday, and the combined efforts of Vlad and Ingrid sent her and her husband back to Transylvania and the count told her to "Flap off back to Transylvania... you old bat," before giving a laugh of delight.

Family TreeEdit

Krone's family tree

Dracula Family
Atilla Westenra
Krone Westenra
Count Dracula
Magda Westenra
Lucinda Westenra
Ingrid Dracula

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