Justice Moroi
Occupation: Judge, Jury and Executioner (VHC)
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Aliases: He was impersonated by Boris Dracula
Status: Deceased
Only Appearance: When Vampires Go Bad (played by Boris Dracula)

Justice Moroi was a vampire law enforcer who had business cards which read "Judge, Jury and Executioner". The real Justice Moroi was killed by Boris before the episode "When Vampires Go Bad". Ingrid called Moroi the second most powerful vampire (presumably behind the Grand High Vampire) at that time.


  • A moroi is a type of vampire or ghost in Romanian folklore. Wikipedia
  • His red armor maybe a refrenc and chould be based upon Vlad III Impaler red armor that was depicted in Bram Stokers Dracula (1992) Film
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