Joss Agnew
Joss Agnew
Position: Director
Episodes: 27
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Nationality: British
IMDB: Joss Agnew
Twitter: @JossAgnew
"Directing. Keeping the story moving people. I get twitchy..."
―Joss Agnew[1]

Joss Agnew is a British film and television director known for directing popular children's dramas. His other credits include Wizards vs. Aliens, Law and Order: UK and The Sarah Jane Adventures. In total, he has been associated with 3 Royal Television Society Awards and 1 BAFTA Cymru award. In 2006 Young Dracula won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Children's Drama.[2]

Joss was very involved with the fandom. He contacted fans on the IMDB boards to keep them updated on Series 3.[3]


Shooting Young Dracula

Joss Agnew directing Young Dracula

Young Dracula (2006 - 2011)

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