Ivan Dracula
Also Known As Harvey
Ivan the Bloodthirsty
Master Ivan
Ivan the Terrible Timekeeper
Played by Philip Brodie
Species Vampire
First Appearance The Yanks Are Coming
Last Appearance Bad Reflection
Mother Mrs Dracula

Father Count Dracos Dracula


Boris Dracula and Olga Dracula

Siblings Count Dracula and Arta Dracula

Neice and Nephew Ingrid Dracula and Vladimir Dracula

Occupation Author
Spouse Unknown

The Count's younger brother, Ivan, and his two children currently reside in America, and stay at the castle in episodes two to four of series two.

When first seen during the series, Ivan is not a typical vampire, drinking 'soya blood' ("blood-free since '93"), using fake tan, making his living from real estate, and using the name 'Harvey'. However, after encountering Van Helsing, he returns to his old habits, as he cannot resist slayer blood. He then becomes (and, presumably, still is) as bloodthirsty as ever, which causes Vlad to lose any hope that he might be able to avoid life as a vampire. He has now moved back to America with his children, and so causes no further trouble for the family, though he does plan to return in another two hundred years (the Count insists they make it three).


When Ivan first appears, the Count is shocked to see that, instead of being a ruthless vampire, he has become "blood free" and dresses and acts like a breather.


Ivan and the Count used to fight when they were children but later went out hunting peasants together. After he goes back to his vampiric ways, he refers to his daughter Olga as a "brat".

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