Series 02, Episode 07
Dreamworld 2
Air Date 14th December 2007
Writer Unknown
Previous Baby Dracula
Next Love Bites
"You are the chosen one"
Grand High Vampire

Insomnia is the seventh episode of the second series.

Plot Edit

Vlad is having nightmares where he is being chased by the Branaughs, who are slayers, and is given advice by Robin, depicted as a wiseman dressed in white. Trouble is, Vlad is falling asleep regularly, and uncontrollably. Worse still, any injuries he obtains whilst dreaming somehow manifest themselves on him in real life. It becomes clear that he must survive in the 'dreamworld' to survive real life.

Meanwhile, Mina, Jonathan's mother, visits him and Van Helsing. Discovering that they are now both obsessed with vampires, the very reason she left Eric in the first place, she decides to stay to try and knock some sense into them.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode to show a Vampire, other than Elizabeta who is remarkable for her shape-shifting powers, transform into anything other than a bat, or smoke, Vlad being shown to transform into a wolf. Granted this was in the dreamworld, so it may not be possible for vampires to turn into wolves under normal circumstance.
  • This is also the only episode in which a vampire's inability to cross running-water comes up in dialogue, although it is shown to be in effect in the real world when the Count, and Malik battle with Ramanga, in the Series 4 episode 'Do the Bite Thing', when Ramanga is unable to cross the Count's wall of water.

Cast Edit

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