Hit Chicks
Series 03, Episode 11
Air Date 5th December 2011
Writer Mark Brotherhood
Previous The Return
Next Blood Loyalties

Hit Chicks is the eleventh episode of Series 3. It aired on December 5th, 2011.


Ingrid starts recruiting girls to her cause 'Vampiress Liberation'. She instructs them to try and assassinate Vlad in various ways. Erin's precarious position is in jeopardy when Bertrand finds something in her room. Vlad gets angry and banishes Erin from the school.


Ingrid is pretending she is sweet and cheerful when really she plans to get her revenge. She turns a visiting team of netball players into half-fang vampires and tells them their mission is to wipe out Vlad. Erin now trusts Vlad and shows him the text in the Praedictum Impaver. It is a foreign language (Aramaic) which Vlad can't read, but Bertrand or his dad may understand. Erin shows Vlad how the text appeared but the bagged blood doesn't work. She goes to use her own fresh blood, but Vlad stops her. He doesn't want blood spilled to reveal his destiny. While at school, one of Ingrid's recruits tries to kill Vlad but ends up getting staked herself. After Erin talks to Vlad about what was in the book, he then tells her what the book is about. Then another one of Ingrid's recruits tries to stake Vlad again but fails after walking in sunlight. Erin finds one of Ingrid's recruits in Vlad's room, but lies to her and she ends up dead, due to the fact that she went inside Vlad's coffin and was killed by a UV bomb which she needed to kill Vlad with. Wanting to help Ryan, Erin creeps into the room to put more text in the book. Bertrand finds her there and discovers she is a breather. Vlad defends her but when he finds out she is a slayer, he is heartbroken and does not believe her anymore, even when she tells him that Ingrid is trying to kill him. He gets angry and tells her to leave.




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