Hide and Seek
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 31 October 2011
Writer Unknown
Previous The Chosen One
Next The Enemy Within

Hide and Seek is the first episode of the third series.


The series picks up four years after Ingrid's takeover of the Dracula castle; Vlad and the Count have fled Stokely, pursued by both slayers and vampires.

Deciding to hide "in plain sight", Vlad and the Count purchase a school, while the Count is determined that Vlad gain his powers and become the leader of all vampires, the chosen one; meanwhile, Ingrid, who has since taken over Stokley and left it, returns, bringing a trail of destruction in her wake. When the count and Vlad learn that Stokely Castle has burnt down, the count hopes that Ingrid was inside.

Despite this Vlad shows remorse and decides to try and save her after having a vision of her being chased bytwo slayers. He does this by turning into a bat for the 1st time and flying off against the counts wishes. You learn that the reason the slayers are chasing Ingrid is they hope she will lead them to the chosen one (Vlad). When they meet Vlad tells her she can go back to the school the count owns and they will care for her, she reluctantly leaves with Erin. Vlad then turns and scares the slayers, destroying there van but leaving them alive. The family is reunited. Erin(a slayer in disguise) saves a sick Ingrid from the slayers and Vlad comes to their aid. Vlad invites Erin to stay with them, not realising that she is an imposter.

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