Formatting Help, a page to help users with the layout and format of pages. For general guidelines see Wiki Guidelines.

Creating new pages

To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below.

Tips for creating new pages

  • Does the page need an infobox? An infobox is a template used to collect and present information about its subject. Most pages on the wiki have infoboxes. On the right hand side of the editor is a "Templates" module. You can add an infobox by using the 'Add other templates' option. A list of the different templates can be found here.
  • Give the page a category so readers can find it. On the right hand side of the editor is a "Categories" module. Click to expand this and you will see a list of the categories already present. To add a category, type the category name in the input area above the existing categories. As you type, you will see suggestions appear. Popular categories on this wiki include subcategories under Category:Universe and Category:Characters.

General editing tips

  • Check spelling and grammar before submitting an edit.
  • Page names at the top of articles should be in bold.
  • All Universe and Character articles should be written in past tense. The top paragraph may be written in present tense if the character is still alive.
  • Link other articles. The wiki is easier to navigate if every page has links. If you mention a character, create a link to their page by putting double brackets [[ and ]] around their name in 'source mode'. You can also use the hyperlink button in visual mode. Link to Ingrid Dracula in source mode:
[[Ingrid Dracula]]
  • Mention episodes by creating a link to the episode and using " " quotation marks. Link to "When You're a Stranger" in source mode:
"[[When You're a Stranger]]"
  • Add titles and subtitles for page clarity.

Specific page formats

  • The 'Relationships' section of a character page uses this standard formatting:
===Ingrid Dracula===
===Erin Noble===
  • The 'Powers' section of a character page has this standard formatting:
'''[[Intangibility]]:''' Ingrid was able to move through an iron grate.


When you're posting factual information, other readers will want to verify the information. Please try to add URLs of websites where factual information is given.

A reference in source mode:

Plague is a bacterial infection.<ref>[ 'TEXT']</ref>

Make sure this code is at the bottom of the page so references are displayed:

Further reading

For more information, check out EditFormatting pages, Links and Cite.

What to remember

While Young Dracula Wiki tries to accept edits which are done in good faith, don't be offended if your contributions are edited for spelling, grammar or formatting.

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