Template:Species"Half-fang" is the name given to vampires who were born human.


Half-fangs are often looked down upon. In some cases they become loyal to their maker, though this does not last long.

Turning Process

To be turned, the breather must have a major artery in their neck pierced by a vampire's fangs. After this happens they will begin to change, a process which can take anywhere between a few days and a few months (depending on whether their blood fights the change). During this time their reflection begins to fade.

The newly turned vampire becomes loyal to their vampire maker, but (as shown with Ryan) this bond does not last forever. As they turn they undergo dramatic personality changes. Will Clarke became much more aggressive after being bitten, picking fights with powerful vampires. Ryan Noble began to hate his sister, and scribbled out her image in photos. Erin Noble became much more confident and less caring. Once a slayer, she began causing chaos and hunting breathers. Erin was an exception to the loyalty rule; Vlad was not able to control her and she plotted against him.

Known Half-fangs

Most of the half-fangs have died soon after being turned

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