Occupation: Jailer and assistant (VHC)
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Status: Alive
First Appearance: The Darkest Hour - Part 1
Last Appearance: The Darkest Hour - Part 2
Portrayed by: Ryan Hope

Gylo worked for the Vampire High Council in Series 5.

He was first seen in the court after Vladimir, Ingrid and the Count were arrested. Later Gylo spoke to Shango Ramanga. He told him that he liked to give prisoners time to study the spikes in the duelling chamber. Gylo arrived with Roquelaire at Garside Grange. When the Blood Seed went to seed, Gylo made the excuse that someone needed to leave to sign papers. Roquelaire told him that if he left he would be fired. Gylo sped off regardless.

Gylo was not a councillor of the Vampire High Council, but he was employed to fulfil various roles such as managing prisoners.

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