Graham Branagh
Occupation: Plumber
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Elizabeth Branagh (wife)

Ian Branagh (son)
Paul Branagh (son)
Robin Branagh (son)
Chloe Branagh (daughter)

Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Aliases: Mr Branagh

The Branagh Male

Status: Possibly Deceased
Appearances: When You're a Stranger - The Chosen One
Portrayed by: Aneirin Hughes

Graham Branagh is a plumber from Stokely, as well as the father of Robin, Chloe, Ian and Paul Branagh and old neighbour of Ingrid Dracula, Vladimir Dracula and the Count. He, unlike his wife, was always wary of the Count, although he didn't know he was a vampire until the episode Eclipse.

Series 1 & 2Edit

Graham works as a plumber in the local area - 'cleaning toilets' as Robin puts it. Graham does not seem to get along with the Count, believing the Count to be a 'nutter'. Graham seems jealous when his wife Elizabeth seems interested in the Count. In "Eclipse" Graham discovers that the Dracula family are vampires, though the rest of his family does not believe him. The Branaghs later realise the truth when they go up to the castle to fetch Robin. At the castle the slayers and the vampires have a showdown and the Branaghs are caught in the crossfire.

Vlad is forced to wear the crown of power, an object which grants him immense power. Vlad tells the Branaghs and the Van Helsings they must forget about the existence of vampires. After Vlad faints, Ingrid takes control. Vlad and his father fled Stokely to escape from Ingrid's reign of terror.

Later SeriesEdit

In series 3 the Count reads the Vampire Times newspaper only to discover Stokely Castle was burnt to the ground by slayers. The location of the Branaghs is never revealed and they do not appear again.

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