Goody McEldrich
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Occupation: Teacher
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Skin color: White
Hair color: Dark Brown
Special Skills: Shapeshifting
Status: Deceased
Only Appearance: The Enemy Within
Portrayed by: Lisa Riley

"Fingers on Fangs" - Goody McEldrich's catchphrase

Goody McEldrich was apparently "Transylvania's greatest expert in shape shifting", and was most infamous for it, and was greatly respected. She appeared in the episode "The Enemy Within",

She was hired by Count Dracula to teach Vlad Dracula, to teach Vlad on his vampire abilities. When she arrived, she first appeared polite, and friendly. She agreed with the Count on how badly Vlad is on his responsibilities as a vampire, and on discipline, especially on the fact he was living with breathers. However, she unfairly blamed the Count for it, and was going to teach him as as well. But when either tried to protest she silenced them, even when agreeing with her.

Unfortunately, when Vlad protested on her hitting people, she then threatened to cut off a limb, the next time she was displeased with their progress. She then demanded where the weapons were, and this act caused her to be murdered by Count Dracula using a secret garlic pit wheeze hidden in the back of a cupboard at Garside Grange. Vlad suspected this was what happened to Nanny Clontarf. She was then replaced by Baron von Racalud, as Vlad's tutor.

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