A list of in-universe terms featured in Young Dracula which are not in modern or common circulation.

Glossary A-ZEdit

Argentallium An alloy of silver and garlic that drains the powers from vampires.
Biter Vampire slang for vampire.
Blood Tea Ceremony A ritual which takes place before a Bloodbinding.
Bloodbinding A ceremonial union between two vampires.
Breather Vampire slang for human or mortal.
Carpathian Feast A traditional feast where a vampire is roasted alive.
Dimidius Half vampire, half human.
Half-fang Vampire slang for someone born human and then turned.
Magister Maleficorum A series of boxes which contained the Blood Seed.
Praedictum Impaver A book that was said to give vampires the power to rule the earth.
SCRAP Short for School for Coexistence, Respect and Peace.
Stasis Spray A solution created by slayers to mask their heart rate, breathing and scent.
VHC Short for Vampire High Council.
Zoning The power to trap one's enemy in a crystal.
Fog Vampire slang curse.
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