Giles Family
Leader: Sally Giles
Earliest Member: Mr Giles
Enemies: No known enemies
Status: Active
Only Appearance: Flesh and Blood - Nemesis Rising
The Darkest Hour - Part 1 - The Darkest Hour - Part 2
The Giles Family are a family of breathers residing in Britain and the relatives of Vladimir Dracula. It is possible that they had previously resided in Whitby, or that they currently live in the area of Liverpool.

History Edit

Attending the Whitby Goth Festival, Sally Giles met Count Dracula, who, attending under the name Salem Smith, became very fond of her. Sally fell pregnant after a short time knowing the Count, and in 1996 gave birth to his son, Adam.

Being only 18 at the time, Sally's parents convinced her to give Adam up for adoption. Unbeknown to her, the Count adopted the baby, renaming him Vladimir.

Later, Sally remarried an unknown man who fathered Sally's second child and only daughter, George. She became self-employed sculptor shortly after. George stated that her father used to take her sailing before he died, suggesting that Sally is a widow.

Sally rekindles her relationship with Vlad and the Count almost 17 years after the adoption, having being invited to Garside Grange under the pretence of acquiring a sculpture. Soon, Sally learns his true identity and their relationship becomes turbulent because of this — the son she had been looking for is a vampire. Despite this, Sally and George attempt to stay to smooth things out and get to know Vlad, but eventually, exhausted by the constant danger, Sally decides that her and George must leave Garside. 

At the end of the series, Vlad persuades his mother that it would be better for them if she was mindwiped to forget his existence, as she will be in constant danger if she didn't. Sally is heartbroken, but she realises that if she is mindwiped she will remember nothing. The Count alters her and assumingly George's memories, and they leave Garside. It is unknown if the mindwipe ever faded or where they are now.

Family Tree Edit

Following is the to date accounted for members of the Giles family.

Count Dracula
Sally Giles
Mr Giles
Vladimir Dracula
Georgina Giles

See: Giles Family

Family Members Edit

The mother of Vladimir Dracula and Georgina Giles; the widow of Mr Giles; ex-lover of Count Dracula
  • Mr Giles
The father of Georgina Giles; the late husband of Sally Giles
The father of Vladimir Dracula; the ex-lover of Sally Giles
The eldest son of Count Dracula and Sally Giles; the eldest half-brother of Georgina Giles
The youngest daughter of Sally Giles and Mr Giles; the youngest half-sister of Vladimir Dracula

Trivia Edit

  • Giles is Sally's maiden name — it is possible she changed it back after her late husband's passing, or that she never changed it in the first place. Mr Gileses real last name is unknown.
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