This article is about the educational institution. For information regarding the building, see Garside Grange.
Independent Day School
Garside Grange Sign
Type: Educational institution
Associated Persons: Alexandra McCauley

Count Dracula

First Appearance: Hide and Seek
Last Appearance: Kiss of Death

Garside Grange Independent Day School was an educational institution which was owned by Count Dracula. The school was situated somewhere in or near Liverpool.

At the end of Series 4, the Garside Grange suffered significant roof damage and the school had to be closed for repairs. It was never reopened.




School uniformEdit

Students Garside

Students wearing the uniform

The uniform consisted of a green and yellow striped tie, black trousers or skirt and a grey jumper. Vlad and Ingrid were seen wearing slightly modified versions of this uniform. Vlad wore a black hoodie with a yellow and green striped tie and black trousers.
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