Garlic Products Limited
Garlic Productions
Other Names: Slayer Base
Town/City: Unknown
Country: England, United Kingdom
Owner(s): Slayers
Location type: Base
Purpose: Contains all the machinery and weapons the slayers use
First Appearance: The Good, the Bad and the Undead
Last Appearance: Cuckoo in the Nest

Garlic Products Limited is the main slayer base in series 4 of Young Dracula.

Previously we had only seen the warehouse at the old docks as well as Eric's secret slayer base. Garlic Productions appears to be the main base for the Slayer's Guild in the UK, from which all directives are given. The slayers are all hooked into a main computer system which tracks their current numbers. In series 4 the head of operations was Mina Van Helsing.

In "Whatever It Takes" Vlad mindwipes all the slayers using the Guild's computer system to avoid all out war (and dusting the treacherous Erin Noble). He later removes the mindwipe, realising that slayers are a good way to keep vampires 'in check'.

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