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First Day of School
Series 01, Episode 02
Air Date 28 September 2006
Writer Gerard Forster
Previous When You're a Stranger
Next Mum's Return
Eric: "I am a vampire slayer!"
Jonathan: "No, Dad. You're a woodwork teacher"
―Eric and Jonathan Van Helsing

First Day of School (also known as Dead-Ucation) is the second episode of Series 1 of Young Dracula. It was the first to feature the Eric Van Helsing and his son, Jonathan Van Helsing.


As Vladimir and persuades his dad to let him and Ingrid to go to school where they have to try extra hard to conceal their heritage. it is also the first day of school for the woodwork teacher, Eric Van Helsing, a rather useless slayer with an annoying obsession with killing vampires, and his son Jonathan. Mr. Van Helsing at first mistakes Robin for being a vampire because of the cape and being found with the Dracula coat of arms, but soon turns his attention to Vlad and his family



  • Written by - Gerard Foster
  • Director - Joss Agnew
  • Producer - Mia Jupp
  • Series Created by - Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell
  • Costume Designer - Jilly Thornley
  • Costume Team - Andrea Mear, Amy Clarke
  • Make Up Designer - Steve Williams
  • Make Up Assistant - Bethan Jones
  • Off-Line Editor - Jane Murrell
  • Online Editor - Emyr Jenkins
  • Audio Post Production - Cranc
  • Composer - John Rea
  • Zoltan Animatronics - Colin Newman
  • Production Designer - Venita Gribble
  • Design - Bobbie Giles, Hannah Nicholson, Dafydd Idris Jones, John Jones, Simon Bailey, Lee Radford
  • Lighting - Ceiron Jenkins, Gareth Williams
  • Director of Photography - Sarah Bartles-Smith
  • Cameras - Benjamin Coles, Clive Baldwin, Joseph Marsden
  • Sound - Tom Oliver, Michael Kneafsey
  • Production Team - Racheal lund, Roger Thomas, Mervyn Lewis, Jo Healy, Ffion Elin Powell, Iolo Rhisiart
  • 1st Assistant Director - Simon Morris
  • Script Supervisor - Hevlwen Jones
  • Script Editor - Bridget Deacon
  • Script Team - Sara Griffiths, Sarah Bowden
  • Location Manager - Clive Evans
  • Casting Director - Jessica Ronane
  • Production Accountant - Linus Giliomee
  • Associate Producer - Cheryl Davies
  • Executive Producer - Josephine Ward