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Erin Nobel as she is seen in Series 3

Erin Noble is a trained slayer with her only known family being her brother Ryan who was bitten by Ingrid Dracula during the time between series 2 and 3. She is also Vlad's girlfriend.

Series 3

Erin is a new character added during the first episode of series 3. Erin arrives in the Dracula household having saved a sick Ingrid from the slayers guild who have been hunting her down to find Vlad. She has a plan to slay the Draculas whilst pretending to be turning into a vampire (half fang) by using stasis spray which hides her breathing and pulse rate from vampires. This plan does not come to succeed as she starts to fall for Vlad and by the end of the thrid series is fully in love with him.

Vlad and Erin kiss before Vlad finds out that she is slayer. Erin is adout to be burnt alive to please the count and his friends. After this scene Vlad almost throws into a fire pit ... what a nice man :)

By the end it is discovered that she is not a true vampire but a slayer and her motives are known. She later abandons her plan to slay the Draculas and actually helps them occassionally.

Series 4

Erin still lives with the draculas. Ramanga and the Count are plotting to make Vlad abandon his hopes for peace between vampires and breathers. They eventually agree that the best way to do so is to take Erin out of the picture. The Count has tried killing her before but they decide to arrange for Vlad to marry Adze, Ramanga's daughter. Vlad, Jonno, Bertrand and Erin try to stop the wedding.

After thinking she recieved a visit from Ryan's ghost, she tries to kill the Count. He easily catches her and was going to kill her until Vlad intervened. She left after this.

Erin is seen in the next episode dying after being hit by a fire ball.

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