"If you wanna live, get in!"
Look 101 Erin
Also Known As Blondie, Queen Bee, Half Fang
Played by Sydney Rae White
Species Human (Breather)
First seen Hide and Seek
Last seen
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Brother Ryan
Occupation Slayer
Spouse None
Erin first appears ion the third series of the show.In Hide and Seek, Erin is helping Ingrid escape from two slayers in the woods. Erin states that she is like
Bite marks

Erin shows her 'bite marks' to Ingrid

Ingrid showing her bite marks on her neck and says they need to stick together if they want to get rid off the slayers. Then also states her car had built in UV filter to stop her burning up. Erin then asks Ingrid “What happened to your face?” sounding shocked then Ingrid says she bit a teenager and caught something from him. Later, Ingrid asked if there’s a problem because Erin keeps looking back through the window. Erin says the slayers

The car stopped working

are following them. Suddenly, the car starts to break down, Erin and Ingrid start to panic, and they swiftly turn a corner leading them to another road in the woods. Erin asks Ingrid if they saw them turn off and she replies that they have. Erin starts trying the key into the ignition. Erin quickly locks the doors after Ingrid said to do because of the slayers coming up behind the car. The car starts working again and drives off before the slayers can get in their car. Erin then asks Ingrid if she has any family that could hide them from the slayers.

At night time, Erin and Ingrid were fixing the car. Erin asked Ingrid if she’s all right, Ingrid states that it makes
her stronger. Ingrid see’s another car approach them thinking they might be slayers, her and Erin pick up spanners they were using on the car and prepare themselves. Erin starts the car back up and turns on the headlights to find Vlad standing right in front of the car. Erin watches Vlad and Ingrid talking; then Erin helps Ingrid back into the car. Vlad says he’ll meet Erin back at school.


Erin and Vlad

Back at the School, Erin walks in with Vlad and Ingrid helping them with the doors. Erin looked very uncomfortable when she see’s the Dracula family fighting. Erin insists that she goes but Vlad says Erin can stay and he’ll make her a coffee. Vlad takes her to see Refield about coffin arrangements, while those two are talking the camera goes down to shiny food cover and shows you Erin’s reflection. She then shares to Vlad that she can keep a secret.

In The Enemy Within, you first see Erin walking into the dining hall with Vlad, then Count Dracula appears and
Dining room

Erin looking nervous infront of the Count

asks why Erin is still here, but then Vlad says he asked her to stay. Vlad states that Erin saved Ingrid’s life; Vlad and the Count argue and agree on a vote which Ingrid says that they can’t be two queen bees because they’ll end up killing each other. Vlad says Erin is staying and the Count and Ingrid should leave her alone.
Afterwards, when Vlad and her are together Erin says

Erin cries over seeing Ryan becoming a Vampire

she doesn’t want to cause a problem between their family, Vlad answers that she should stay till she’s got her full powers.
Later, Erin goes to her car and reveals slaying tools; she then makes her way to the boot of the car which has her brother in it. She gives Ryan the potion, and they talk about how Ryan was bitten by Ingrid and how they have to kill her to make her brother turn human. Erin states that the Dracula’s have just invited her to stay with them but her brother says how because she’s a vegetarian. She says that she used some stasis spray to block out her pulse, heart beat and sent.

Shortly after, Erin is seen going into the dining room, and says she can look after Ingrid for Vlad. She tells him they need to make Ingrid more comfy and to find whatever the vampires use. Vlad says how it can feel strange at

Erin telling Vlad, Ingrid is getting worse

first at being a vampire but says she’ll get used to it. When Vlad has left, Erin goes in to stake Ingrid but has to keep repeating to herself that she’s not normal she’s a vampire. However, she calls Vlad back because Ingrid has started to breathe. Erin watches the Dracula family talk about which they need an expert who can cure this, Erin looks really confused but Vlad says to her they mean Renfield. She see’s Vlad bring Renfield’s memory back and shows her how revolting he can be.

Erin is seen looking after Ingrid while Vlad is getting his first tutor. Erin looks quite tense when the tutor is around
Stake 2

Erin tries to stake Ingrid

because she can smell something but is relived that she can only smell breather which is coming from Renfield. Erin is seen to have a small smile on her face when Vlad says he likes breathers. Erin see’s how sad Vlad would be if he lost Ingrid by the look he gave Erin while giving her the first potion.

Erin couldn't go through killing Ingrid

Erin is seen looking really tired probably because she was looking after Ingrid all night. She says to Vlad that she’s getting worse, and tries to get some sleep on the couch. She says to Renfield and the Count that if they give Ingrid more potions it will kill her. Erin watches
Betrand take Vlad somewhere using super speed. After they’ve gone Erin tries to stake Ingrid again. Later, you find out Erin couldn’t go through staking Ingrid because she was alone. Ryan leaves but Erin says she will save him, showing she still has humanity left in her for not killing Ingrid.

In Faustian Slip, Erin is reading a letter from Ryan that he doesn’t want her getting hurt for him about
Reading 1

Erin reading Ryan's letter

slaying the Dracula’s. But is interrupted by Ingrid who comes to Erin and reads her an article from ‘Fang!’ about Vlad not being the Chosen One. Erin starts reading an article about hunting the Dracula’s, and asks Ingrid if she’s
Vlad 1

Vlad and Erin talk about Vlad's mum

worried and states that Ingrid is too weak to fight of any vampire hunters yet. When Ingrid leaves the room, Erin rips out the number of the Hunters.
Erin is seen coming out of her room and seeing Vlad’s mum. Erin is quite shocked that that woman is his mum. Vlad states that when the Count finds out about this he’s going to go mad. Erin can see that Vlad’s mum and dad have a lot of issues and asks him why he can’t get rid of her and Vlad says because she’s his mum.

Later, Erin is ringing the Hunters and presses 2 to give information to them about the Dracula’s, and says that the

Erin made a mistake ringing the Hunters

Dracula’s are staying at Garside Grange School in Lancashire, and asks if the Dracula’s death will be clean and quick so they wouldn’t be in pain but the
Vlad 3

Erin is shocked that the Dracula Family are still alive

person on the phone hangs up. Erin writes to Ryan saying by the time he reads this he will be human again, and their nightmare will be over. Erin is seen later on looking out for the Hunter’s in her room and getting her stuff ready to leave. When Erin walks into the dining room she looks very shocked that the family is still alive. Vlad asks her why she has packed her bags looking really hurt and disappointed that she could leave and see’s the dog turn into a little boy.

In Fangs for the memories, you first see Erin in Vlad’s dream, chained up and screaming. Then Vlad swoops in
Nearly kiss

Erin in Vlads dream

and saves her, and they are about to kiss, this implies Vlad may have feelings for her. Later, Erin is seen to be having nightmares of Ryan (a clip is shown

Erin spraying herself

from The Enemy Within). Erin starts to cry and is heard by Vlad, Erin starts using stasis spray. Vlad asks if he can come in, and talks to her to see if she’s ok, and if customizing her coffin would help. Vlad states that she can talk to him but Erin replies that she can’t and asks if he could leave her alone. Vlad comes back with a stuffed monkey by this time Erin is dressed.

Vlad says that its Mister Cuddles the second and tells her the story of how it happened. Vlad gives Erin the monkey and they talk about stokely and what happened there like Robin and Ingrid. Vlad asks if Erin has any
Toy 1
brothers or sisters. And she answers a brother, she tells him how he didn’t take her becoming a vampire well but actually she’s talking about herself not happy with Ryan being a vampire. But then Erin says when you’re a vampire you lose contact with your family and friends for ever. However, Vlad says she will never be alone and that she had got him.(a clip shows from
Hide and Seek).

Next Erin and Vlad walk into a room and Erin asks where the matches are but Vlad lights them and Erin asks if it
hurts. Vlad says it hurts a lot more when your fangs come through, Erin says she needs to be prepared for that (a clip is shown from The Enemy Within), also Vlad states that the speed thing is pretty cool and hypnotism. Erin asks if you can hypnotize anyone. Vlad says you can’t do it to people your in love with. Erin asks him if he every used his powers to get a girl, but Vlad says it would be so wrong. Erin asks him when she will be craving blood; Vlad says it
Look 3

Vlad asks if she's going after the vampire that turned her

will happen eventually every vampire will be taken over by blood in the end. Then Erin asks if you wipe out the clan who turned the vampire the curse will be lifted, Vlad says it’s just a legend the gets the idea that Erin wants to get rid of the vampires who turned her. However, Erin promises Vlad that she isn’t trying to do that. Vlad states that he never wanted to be a vampire; Erin looks at him with sad eyes, and Vlad says she’ll learn to live with being a vampire just like he has. Erin then states that the Count and Ingrid have adapted to life, but Vlad says their power hungry maniacs.

Erin says once you’re bitten you become a vampire and crave human blood, Vlad then says he’ll never drink
I never wanted this

Erin looks at Vlad when he says he never wanted to become a vampire

human blood even if he gets intense cravings, he’ll learn how to fight it. Erin says there’s no way out of becoming a vampire, and eventually you’ll die in the hands of a slayer. Vlad says he so sorry that this has happened to her, Vlad then tells her he wants Vampires and Breathers to live in peace unknown to them that Bertrand is outside listening in.


  • Will this be the start of a romance
  • Erin's reflection
  • Erin watching Vlad and Ingrid fight
  • Erin meets Vlad
  • Erin and Vlad agree to meet at school
  • A shocked Erin after watching the Dracula family fight
  • Erin crying over Ryan
  • Erin's hunting equipment
  • Looking after Ingrid
  • Erin's first attempt to Stake Ingrid
  • Erin tries again
  • Erin reads Ryan's letter
  • Erin smiles at Ingrid
  • Erin reads the magazine article
  • Erin's feet start to burn in Vlad's dream
  • Erin is saved by Vlad
  • Nearly kissing
  • Vlad see's if Erins ok
  • Peace.jpg


  • She is the first female slayer to be shown on the show
  • She is Vlad's love intrest
  • She is the first character to pretend to be a 'Half Fang' and actually be a slayer
  • Erin's offical video - Erin Video
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