Dust by Dawn
Dust by Dawn (small)
Type: Game
Associated Persons: Vladimir Dracula

Ingrid Dracula
Count Dracula
Eric Van Helsing

Other Associations: BBC


Dust by Dawn is a game which was published by the BBC on the official Young Dracula website. It was created by Chunk Games.


In the series Ingrid Dracula said that Vlad would by 'dust by dawn' when talking to Ryan about the problems Vlad posed.


Take control of Vlad, Ingrid or the Count in this awesome new Young Dracula game! Collect potions and coins while avoiding rebel vampires, UV lasers and even Van Helsing himself! Complete all the missions to rank up and become The Chosen One... or be Dust by Dawn! You can also play this game on your mobile or tablet.[1]


The objective of the game is to collect potions to get power ups, and complete missions to advance through vampire ranks. The player starts off as a 'half-fang' and advances to become the 'Chosen One'.


  • Dust by Dawn
    Grab 3 powerups in one game
  • Collect 500 coins total
  • Avoid 25 rebel vampires

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  1. Young Dracula: Dust by Dawn (BBC)

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