Dracula Castle
Dracula Castle
Country: Romania (Transylvania)
Owner(s): Count Dracos Dracula

Arta Dracula
Count Dracula

Status: Abandoned, burned
Location type: Castle
Purpose: Dracula family home

Dracula Castle is located in Transylvania and was the home of the Dracula family. It is where Arta Dracula, Ivan Dracula, and Count Dracula were raised, and where Ingrid and Vlad spent the first years of their lives.

It's suggested that the castle was burned down after a dispute between Count Dracula and the locals, forcing the Count and his children, the probable only residents of the castle, to flee to Britain. It can be assumed a new castle or home has subsequently been built or chosen by the family members remaining in Transylvania.

Malik stated that his parents were from "Bistriff"[1], though this may be a lie.

Location Edit

Dracula Castle was located near the city of Bistritz, or Bistrița, Northern Transylvania, as stated by Vlad in TV Addiction. The location ties in with Dracula as Borgo Pass, the fictional gateway to the location of Dracula's castle, is situated near Bistritz.

Reference List Edit

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