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Dracula is a Gothic horror novel by the author Bram Stoker. It was published in 1897.[1] It is worth noting that Young Dracula was loosely based on Young Dracula: AND Young Monsters by Michael Lawrence, however the series does reference Bram Stoker's novel several times. In the television series Count Dracula is a father with two children.


  • Stokely, the setting for the first two series of Young Dracula, is named after the author 'Bram Stoker'.
  • Jonathan Van Helsing and Mina Van Helsing are named after protagonists from the novel. Jonathan Harker and 'Mina' Harker are a young couple; Abraham Van Helsing is a doctor and vampire hunter.
  • Miss Harker has Jonathan Harker's family name.
  • In "Rugby" the Count says to Vlad that he 'didn't impale half of Wallachia for [him] to be a good sport!' Vlad the Impaler, the historical figure who inspired Bram Stoker's novel, was famous for his method of executing people by impalement.[2]
  • Renfield shares his name with a man who eats living creatures. Given that his father was also named Renfield, he might well be a descendent.
  • The hearse is named after Demeter, the ship Dracula boards. He travels to Whitby, a coastal town in northern England.
  • Count Dracula met Sally Giles in Whitby.
  • As far as powers go, Young Dracula expands on Dracula's vampiric powers. The original Dracula could shapeshift and had hypnotic and telepathic abilities.
  • The novel was partly set in Transylvania, the region the Dracula Family come from.
  • Dracula Castle may be located near the city of Bistritz in Northern Transylvania. Malik stated that his parents were from Bistritz. Do the Bite Thing This ties in with Dracula because Borgo Pass is near Bistritz.
  • Vlad's name might be have been chosen because of the connection with 'Vlad the Impaler', the historical figure that inspired Dracula. Vlad is not Count Dracula, neither is he Vlad the Impaler. Vlad is short for Vladimir and he is the teenage son of a 'Count Dracula'.


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