Species: Breather
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Skin color: Tanned
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Appearances: Love Bites
Portrayed by: Klariza Clayton

Delila was Vlad and Robin's love interest. They met her when Ingrid was selling tickets for someone to go with her at the school party. Robin met Delila at the cafeteria and lied to her that he had a castle. He leads her to Stokely Castle and Vlad is furious that he made her believe that the castle was his. At the school party they both find out that Delila didn't fancy any of them. To change this, Vlad sprays Le Trappe perfume to make him and Robin utterly attractive to all the ladies.


Delila wears sunglasses, shorts and leggings at the school party. She has brown hair and brown eyes and dark skin. She is very pretty and fashion conscious.


Delila's personality is to be a bit snobbish because she only wants to be with someone either a footballer, popstar or someone who owns a castle.


  • She is the first love interest of Vlad. His second love interest was Erin Noble.
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