Crown of Power
Vlad Crown
Owner(s): Grand High Vampire

Vladimir Dracula

Creator(s): Unknown
Age: Ancient
Status: Presumably destroyed when Stokely Castle was burnt to the ground
Location: Stokely Castle
Uses: Crown of the vampire leader

Source of great power

First Appearance: When Vampires Go Bad
Last Appearance: The Chosen One

The Crown of Power was the crown of the Grand High Vampire. It was supposedly made out of the bones of victims from the dawn of time.

Series 2Edit

The Crown of Power was worn by the Grand High Vampire until he was staked. Boris Dracula, dressed as Justice Moroi, tried to wear the crown but it turned him to dust as he wasn't the Chosen One. It appeared in the final episode of series 2 and turned several vampires to dust as they also weren't the Chosen One. Vlad put on the crown and it gave him lots of advanced vampire powers. After Vlad falls to the floor unconscious, Ingrid kicks the crown away. It's unknown what happened to the crown afterwards as it doesn't appear again.

Vampires dusted by the crownEdit

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