Count Dracula
Also Known As
Count 304x171
Mr. Count
Count Draculoser
The Prince of Darkness
Ozzie Osbourne
The Count

Uncle Count (by Wolfie)

Played by Keith-Lee Castle
Species Vampire
First Appearance When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance All For One
Mother Mrs Dracula

Count Dracos Dracula

Occupation Prince of Darkness

Spouse           Magda Westenra  

Children Ingrid DraculaVladimir Dracula and Malik

Neice and Nephew Boris  and Olga Dracula

Siblings   Ivan and Arta Dracula

Age 604 in Series 1 & 2

                           608 in Series 3 and 4

Count Dracula is the father of Vlad and Ingrid. He is generally shown as loving being a vampire, and tries to make Vlad become a great vampire as well. However, despite thinking himself 'pure evil' like most vampires should be, he breaks many vampire rules, mainly by letting breathers enter his castle without trying to bite them. He is portrayed in Young Dracula by the actor Keith-Lee Castle.

The Count's Relationships

He is in love with breather Miss Mcauly but refuses to confess his admiration. His first known lover is called Magda Westenra who left Count Dracula for a werewolf called Patrick. Apparently the Count never married Magda but had 2 children with her called Vladimir and Ingrid. The Count has a very bad relationship with his daughter Ingrid, because she's a girl, and a reasonable relationship with Vlad. Although the relationship had been strained in series 3, the Count later punched Ramanga after he threatened Vlad, protecting him. The Count later hunted Ramanga down and "de-fanged" him as revenge.


The Count is an extremely powerful being and has displayed the following abilities:

  • He can light candles
  • he can throw a fire ball
  • he can move at incredible speeds (even faster than Boris)
  • he can move objects with his mind
  • he can create lightning and rain
  • he can fly
  • he can turn into a bat
  • he can turn into smoke
  • he can move his soul into another body
  • he can hypnotise Humans
  • he can go through walls
  • he can turn things (such as breakfast cereal and paper) into maggots
  • he can control water (he used it to trap Ramanga)
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