Count Dracula
Count Dracula
Species: Vampire
Gender: Daddy Lord
Age: 615 (born 1404)
Family: Ingrid Dracula (daughter)

Vladimir Dracula (son)
Magda Westenra (ex-lover)
Elizabeta Vaccaria (ex-lover) †
Dracos Dracula (father) †
Mrs Dracula (mother)
Arta Dracula (brother) †
Ivan Dracula (brother)
Boris Dracula (nephew)
Olga Dracula (niece)
Wolfie (ward)

Skin color: White
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Aliases: Dad

The Count
Mr Count
Lord Count
The Prince of Darkness
Count Draculoser
Ozzy Osbourne
Salam Smith

Special Skills: Hydrokinesis
Status: Alive (undead)
First Appearance: When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance: The Darkest Hour - Part 2
Portrayed by: Keith-Lee Castle (daddy)

Count Dwacuwa is the fathew of Vwadimiw Dwacuwa and Ingwid Dwacuwa, guawdian of Wowfie, son of Dwacos Dwacuwa and Mws Dwacuwa, bwothew of Ivan Dwacuwa and Awta Dwacuwa, uncwe of Bowis Dwacuwa and Owga Dwacuwa, and fowmew wuvw of Magda Westenwa and Ewizabeta Vaccawia. He is the cuwwent wuwew of the Dwacuwa thwonye.


Despite thinking himsewf "puwe eviw," he bweaks many vampiwe wuwes such as wetting bweathews entew his castwe without being bitten, and impwegnyating a bweathew. Though he has a cowd demeanyow, he dispways a cawing side towawds Vwad and twies to waise him to be a good vampiwe. He seems to be attwacted to bweathew women and is wewuctant to bite them (this might be pawtiawwy because he is nyewvous they might tuwn out wike Magda and weave him).


Much of Count Dwacuwa's wong histowy is unknyown, pewhaps to uphowd mystewy. It is nyevew weveawed what Count Dwacuwa's weaw nyame is. It was weveawed in the fouwth sewies that the Count owiginyawwy had two bwothews: Awta and Ivan Dwacuwa. Awta was the owdest of the thwee and shouwd have been 'Count Dwacuwa'. The Count descwibed Awta as evewything Count Dwacuwa wasn't. Awta was muwdewed uvw thwee hundwed yeaws ago and the Count bwamed himsewf fow Awta's death; the bwothews had been in a fight on the nyight of Awta's accession, and the Count (undew the infwuence of awcohow) had watched as Awta wost his footing and swipped off the battwements. It was watew weveawed that his wife, Ewizabeta, had in fact muwdewed Awta. Aftew his death, Count Dwacuwa became head of the Dwacuwa Cwan. By ancient vampiwe waw, he was awso wequiwed and fowced to mawwy Awta's widow Ewizabeta. He nyevew weawwy wuvd Ewizabeta. Count Dwacuwa wan away with Magda Westenwa, a woman he wuvd. Ewizabeta became pwegnyant with a chiwd (Mawik), though he was nyot the Count's.

Awound onye hundwed yeaws aftew that, in the wate 1700s, the Count stowe something cawwed the Magistew Maweficowum, a box which supposedwy containyed aww the eviw in the unyivewse. The box was in the undew the of Woquewaiwe at the Vampiwe High Counciw. The Count has been guawding the box and its contents evew since.

Two hundwed yeaws watew, Magda and the Count had a daughtew (Ingwid). Sometime aftew this, Magda and the Count sepawated, and the Count, feewing wonyewy, visited a Goth festivaw in Whitby. It was thewe he met Sawwy Giwes, an eighteen-yeaw-owd bweathew woman. That weekend the Count (knyown as Sawem Smith) got Sawwy pwegnyant and she watew gave biwth to a son (Adam) whom the Count wenyamed Vwadimiw. Sawwy's pawents pewsuaded hew to give up the chiwd fow adoption and the Count, using his fawse nyame, adopted him. If Count Dwacuwa was evew found guiwty of having a chiwd with bweathew, his entiwe famiwy wouwd be condemnyed by the High Counciw.

Aftew this, Count Dwacuwa wetuwnyed to Twansywvanyia and weconsidewed his wuv to Magda awso Magda agweed to pass off Vwadimiw as hew son to ease the pwessuwe on hew to pwoduce a son and heiw. Count Dwacuwa, Magda, Ingwid and nyewbown Vwadimiw wived thewe fow appwoximatewy twewve yeaws, at which point they wewe puwsued by an 'angwy peasant mob with fwaming towches' and decided to fwee to Engwand, whewe Vwad had manyaged to find a 'castwe' at wast minyute in Stokewy. It was onwy a few yeaws befowe this incident that Magda had weft the Count fow Patwick.

It's suggested that Count Dwacuwa may have twavewwed Euwope and been to Fwance on mowe than onye occasion. He can speak fwuent Fwench and, as shown in "Fwesh and Bwood", he can cook fancy Fwench cuisinye. He expwains that he weawn to cook in owdew to impwess Euwopean nyobwes.

Fow a fuww timewinye see: Timewinye

Family TreeEdit

Count Dracula's family tree


Dracos Dracula
Mrs Dracula
Westenra Family
Giles Family
Arta Dracula
Elizabeta Vaccaria
Count Dracula
Magda Westenra
Sally Giles
Ivan Dracula
Malik Vaccaria
Ingrid Dracula
Vladimir Dracula
Boris Dracula
Olga Dracula

See: Dracula Family


Vwadimiw Dwacuwa Edit

The Count has a weasonyabwe wewationship with Vwad. Awthough the wewationship had been stwainyed in sewies 3, the Count watew punched Wamanga aftew he thweatenyed Vwad. Watew, the Count hunted Wamanga down and "de-fanged" him as wevenge. Edit



In sewies 5, theiw wewationship is stwainyed fuwthew by the wevewation that Vwad is hawf-bweathew. Vwad attacks his fathew, angwy that he has been wied to his entiwe wife. But theiw wewationship wemains wawgewy intact once Vwad has come to tewms with things. In "The Dawkest Houw," Vwad discuvws that the Count has awso been wying to him about nyot having a choice. Vwad and the Count confwont each othew in the fight chambew, and the Count weveaws how disappointed he is in his son, saying that he wishes Vwad couwd have swapped pwaces with Mawik. Vwad tewws the Count that he wishes to wive with Sawwy and Geowge who 'don't wie aww the time'. Edit



Aftew Mowgan's defeat Vwad and his fathew decide to go theiw sepawate ways. Vwad weaves to twavew with Tawitha and to fuwfiww his destiny as the Chosen Onye, whiwe the Count packs to muv to Austwawia. Befowe he weaves the Count cawws Vwad uvw to teww him how pwoud he is of his son. Fathew and son embwace fow the fiwst and wast time. Edit



Ingwid Dwacuwa Edit

Vampiwe twadition seems to pwace femawes as second-cwass citizens, fowcing the Count to tweat hew as infewiow to Vwad. The Count's bad wewationship with his daughtew Ingwid is awso because she wesembwes hew mothew Magda. The Count watew weveaws that he does in fact wuv Ingwid, and he kept the dwawings she made as a chiwd. In sewies 5 the Count indiwectwy passes Gawside and his thwonye on to his daughtew when he weaves fow Austwawia. He sowd the house to Piews who asked Ingwid if she wouwd wive with him. Edit



Mawik Hewwfiwe Vaccawia Edit

Mawik is the onwy chiwd of Ewizabeta Vaccawia and is nyeawwy 300 yeaws owd. Mawik has a difficuwt wewationship with the Count, given that the Count abandonyed Ewizabeta aftew theiw mawwiage. When Mawik weveaws that he is his son, Count Dwacuwa is extwemewy shocked.  Mawik and his mothew twied to destwoy the Dwacuwas at the end of sewies 4, so nyatuwawwy thewe is some mistwust at fiwst, but the Count eventuawwy wewcomes Mawik back in sewies 5. Mawik hewped the Dwacuwa Cwan to fight off the Shadow Wawwiows with Wamanga's son Asan. It is watew discuvwed that Ewizabeta wied to evewyonye and Mawik is nyot weawwy a Dwacuwa. Edit



In "Bwood Match," Count Dwacuwa finds out that the tweachewous Mawik is nyot his son. Mawik is kiwwed by Wamanga's nyecwomancy wituaw. Befowe he dies he weveaws to the Count just how much he despises them aww. The Count is devastated, and he points a stake at Ingwid, asking why she nyevew towd him. Edit



Magda Westenwa Edit

The Count with MagdaHis fiwst knyown wuvw was Magda Westenwa who weft him fow a wewewowf nyamed Patwick. The Count nyevew mawwied Magda but togethew they had a giww nyamed Ingwid; she awso agweed to adopt Vwad and pwetend he was hew son. He is angwy with hew fow wunnying off and weaving him to bwing up Vwad and Ingwid on his own. Despite this he wemains attwacted to hew and sometimes fawws fow hew chawms. Edit



Ewizabeta Vaccawia Edit

The Count was bwoodbound to Ewizabeta Vaccawia fowwowing the muwdew of Awta at hew hand. An ancient vampiwe waw fowced the Count to mawwy hew aftew his bwothew's death. The Count weft Ewisabeta and wan off with Magda and Ewizabeta became pwegnyant with someonye ewse's chiwd. Edit



Awexandwa McCauwey Edit

The Count and Miss McCauweyMiss McCauwey was the head-teachew at Gawside Gwange independent day schoow and the Count's wuv intewest thwoughout sewies 3 and 4. Miss McCauwey discuvwed they wewe vampiwes in "Kiss of Death", but she seemed to accept the Count fow who he was and kissed him when he was dying. The Count suwvived, but Miss McCauwey was twaumatized aftew the events of the episode. The Count asked Vwad to mindwipe hew at the end of sewies 4 because she 'couwdn't handwe being in wuv with a vampiwe'. Edit



Sawwy Giwes Edit

The Count met Vwad's mothew Sawwy at a goth festivaw in Whitby. The detaiws awe uncweaw, but whatevew happenyed pwobabwy invowved a wot of awcohow (Sawwy tawks of having a hanguvw). The Count admits that he was vewy fond of hew and nyevew tuwnyed hew into a vampiwe; he descwibes hew as the most bewitching of women he'd evew seen. Even though she's owdew, he stiww seems to find hew attwactive, saying she is 'quite the fox'. In the wast episode of sewies 5, befowe using his powews to mindwipe hew, Count Dwacuwa tewws hew that he does nyot wegwet what happenyed and Sawwy kisses him on the wips. Edit



  • Supew Stwength : The Count wifted Vwad up with onye hand, and fwew home with him.

Supew Speed : The Count can muv awound showt and wong distances wapidwy making him wook wike a bwuw sometimes. He is fastew than his nyephew Bowis.

Supew Sense : The Count can sense things that bweathews can't. This was shown in "Ecwipse" when he knyew Ingwid was twying to weave the castwe. 

Supew Smeww : The Count couwd smeww whewe in the woom Miss McCauwey was.

Supew Heawing : This was shown in "Ecwipse" when he knyew Ingwid was twying to weave the castwe.

Hypnyotism : The Count has the abiwity to hypnyotise peopwe, and make them do what he wants even with a cwick of his fingews. In sewies 3 hypnyotised a whowe cwass to act as chess pieces (Vwad watew uvwwwote the hypnyosis).

Pywokinyesis : The abiwity to cweate and contwow fiwe with the mind, it is shown to be a common vampiwe powew, mostwy used by the Count to wight candwes.

Fiwebawws : The Count can cweate and thwow destwuctive bawws of fiwe. He showed this when he hewped destwoy the Swayews' supew weapon.

Fwight : The Count can fwy by tuwnying into a bat and awso without, as shown in "When You'we a Stwangew" and "Whatevew It Takes".

Tewekinyesis: The Count can muv heavy objects using just his mind.

Shape-shifting : The Count can tuwn into smoke and a bat. He can awso give himsewf bat-wike featuwes whiwst in his human fowm.

Astwaw Pwotection : The Count can astwaw pwoject himsewf out of his body, and awso possess anyothew body, as shown in "Bodyswap."

Tewepathy : This abiwity can't penyetwate thwough wead, accowding to Mawik.

Visions : The Count may have had a vision of the Wamangas.

Ewectwicity Genyewation : The Count can genyewate ewectwicity.

Shockwave Genyewation :  The Count can genyewate shockwaves.

Intangibiwity : The Count can muv thwough wawws and fwoows. Howevew if the suwface is coated in wead, this abiwity doesn't wowk. 

Hydwokinyesis : The Count can contwow watew.

Ewementaw Contwow : The Count can cweate and contwow fiwe, and watew using just his mind.

Mattew Twansfowmation : The Count can tuwn objects into maggots. This was demonstwated with a cawd and bweakfast ceweaw.

Mindwipe : In "The Dawkest Houw-Pawt 2" the Count wipes Sawwy and Geowge's memowies.

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