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Clarissa Mountjoy
Clarissa Montjoy.png
Occupation: Candidate for the student senate
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Red
First Appearance: Revamped
Portrayed by: Unknown

Clarissa Mountjoy was a member of a group of feral vampires who followed Malik Vaccaria, although it's unclear whether she had any significant relationship with him, other than the feelings of respect she and the rest of the group possesed towards their leader. She became a member of Vlad's SCRAP group after he rounded them up, but tried to escape like the rest of them, both into the Halloween disco at Garside Grange and to nearly attack Miss McCauley when blood supplies were delayed.

Bertrand also chose her as his candidate for the student senate, albeit she did not end up competing as Elizabeta, using Bertrand's appearance, had already submitted her own son Malik instead.

Despite this however, her selection suggests that she may have been more responsible as well as intelligent than the other ferals. Following the later disbanding of SCRAP, it is currently unknown where she or the rest of the surviving members of the class are now and whether she was able to successfully revamp or not. The Crown of Ludlaw Erant