Clans are very important to vampires. Some of the old clans are very powerful and are highly respected in the vampire world.


The main clans in the series

  • Dracula Clan
The Dracula family
  • Ramanga Clan
The Ramanga family

Other Clans

Clans which are discussed briefly

  • Baraque Clan
The Baraque Clan are highly respected and hold great influence, but they do have a weakness. During the East Blood War they secretly betrayed their allies in return for leverage. Vlad and Bertrand discussed this clan in "The Return".
  • Goffanon Clan
Gwindle was bloodbound to Coravax and their daughter was Lucrezia. Discussed by Ingrid and Piers in "Fight or Flight".
  • Cihuateteo Clan
Nothing is known about the Cihuateteo clan. Their family tree appeared on Ingrid's computer when Piers hacked into Warnock's files in "Fight or Flight".
  • Impundulu Clan
The Impundulu clan took their name from the legend of the Queen. Discussed by Ingrid and Piers in "Fight or Flight".

Possible Clans

These families might also be considered clans

This old vampire family might consider themselves a 'clan'.
Another old vampire family with a long and important history.
The Vaccaria family are not known to possess much power or influence.

Family Trees

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