Mummy Zombie
Species: Zombie
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Skin color: Rotten
Hair color: Brown
Aliases: The Great Chandu
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Mummy
Portrayed by: Frank Rozelaar-Green

"Ah, Chandu! I thought I recognised that foul stentch"
- Count Dracula

Chandu was a Hungarian count and chess grandmaster with whom Count Dracula played chess to win Magda Westenra's right to have sex with her. He was alive during the 18th century. Chandu lost and was sentenced to death by mummification, however came back to life in a skeletal zombie state in the episode The Mummy, and stalked Dracula through the school until he corned his prey in the chess club room, accusing him of cheating. Chandu demanded a rematch and it seemed he had the upper hand by putting the count into check mate. He was about to attack Dracula until Vladimir discovered that Chandu was hiding spare chess pieces in his pocket. Van Helsing burst into the room and tried to melt Dracula with a UV lamp but, frightened by the sight and his phobia of skeletons, he ran away in fear. Dracula and Chandu called it a draw. Chandu was last seen losing to Robin at a game of chess and then slumped back in his chair when Robin gloated in his triumph.

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