Mummy Zombie
Species: Zombie
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Skin color: Unknown
Hair color: Brown
Aliases: The Great Chandu
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Mummy
Portrayed by: Frank Rozelaar-Green
"Ah, Chandu! I thought I recognised that foul stench."
Count Dracula

Chandu was an 18th century Hungarian count and chess grandmaster with a vendetta against Count Dracula after losing a match to win the heart of Magda Westenra. His sentence, given to all who lose, was mummification. However, Dracula had cheated and broken the rules, which decreed Chandu to remain undead in order to return and enact his revenge. For 300 years, Chandu's mummified body was kept by Dracula as a trophy of his victory, and when Dracula was in England, Chandu was kept in a rarely used crypt room.

Chandu came back to unlife in a skeletal zombie state during the episode The Mummy, and stalked Dracula through the school until he cornered him in the chess club room. He rightfully accused Dracula of cheating by moving a piece whilst Chandu wasn't paying attention, and a rematch was demanded in order to satisfy him. After a short while it seemed he had the upper hand by putting the Count into check mate, and prepared to stake the Count after his supposed win. During the ensuing panic, Robin noticed there were three knights on the board instead of two, and shortly following Vladimir discovered that Chandu was hiding spare chess pieces in his pocket, revealing Chandu to be a cheat as well. The Count decided to "call it quits" now that they were even.

Following the decision, Van Helsing burst into the room and tried to dust Dracula with a UV lamp, but was frightened by the sight of Chandu and ran screaming in fear. Chandu safely hid behind the whiteboard when Jonno came in to pick up the UV lamp his father had dropped. 

Chandu was last seen in the castle, lumped back in his chair in humiliation after losing to Robin at a game of chess, whilst Robin gloated in his triumph.

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