Carpathian Feast (event)
Carpathian Feast
Type: Event
Associated Persons: Count Dracula


Only Appearance: Carpathian Feast

A Carpathian Feast is an ancient tradition. According to Bertrand, one hadn't been thrown for hundreds of years. At the end of the evening a vampire of the host's choosing is roasted to death in his honour.

Count Dracula selected Erin Noble as the vampire who would be roasted. Erin was locked in a cage during the feast. Ingrid told Vlad that a kiss would save Erin from the flames, however when Vlad kissed her he discovered she was human.

At the end of the episode it was revealed that every Carpathian Feast had to be sanctioned by the Vampire High Council. Augustus stated that they needed to fill in form 965 and have approval from the board. Failure to comply would have resulted in ritual staking.

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