Carpathian Feast
Series 03, Episode 05
Carpathian Feast
Air Date 14th November 2011
Writer Gary Lawson & John Phelps
Previous Fangs for the Memories
Next Blood Thief
Carpathian Feast is the fifth episode of Series 3. It aired on November 14th, 2011


When Vlad accidentally humiliates his father by demonstrating his powers, he agrees to make amends by throwing a feast, but must find a way to stop it when he learns that the Count plans to kill Erin at the end of the party.

Plot Edit

Vlad intervenes when the Count uses Garside's Year 8 class to teach Wolfie chess, by hypnotising them and placing them on a life-sized chess board. Later, a Transylvanian custodial woman sings a rendition of a traditional Romanian folk song, and, recognising their native language immediately, the Draculas all congregate to where she is working, along with Bertrand and Erin. Vlad enters as The Count is attempting to bite her, and once again intervenes and hypnotises the woman, telling the Count to knock it off in the same beat. He refuses, and Vlad is uses a shockwave of air and pushes the Count into the wall. The Count is left largely uninjured, and limps past, leaving the scene disgruntled and humiliated. The custodial is left unharmed.

Vlad, struggling with seeing his father acting this way towards him, asks how he can apologise. The Count demands a Carpathian Feast, and Vlad agrees, thinking it to just be a party. He is informed by Bertrand that a Carpathian Feast is a Transylvanian event that concludes with the roasting of a fellow vampire in the host's honour. Vlad mistakes Ingrid to be the intended victim, and promises her he'll get her out of it, however, Ingrid informs him the Count's true choice for the vampire sacrifice is Erin.


 Ingrid: I'm back. Twice as gorgeous, three times as evil... make that four times as

 Renfield: It's the Master's favourite [meal].
Ingrid: And by Master, you mean... (gestures between Vlad and the Count)
Vlad: "I'll jump out of a cake if I have to!"



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