Branagh Family
Earliest Member: Graham Branaugh
Enemies: No known enemies
Status: Unknown
House: Branaugh House
First Appearance: When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance: The Chosen One

The Branaugh Family were a family of breathers who resided in Stokely and were neighbours to the Count, Vlad and Ingrid. They often came into contact, and were a prominent part of the Dracula's stay in Stokely.


Robin Branaugh was the first to come into contact with the Draculas, climbing in through Vlad's window soon after he realised someone had moved into the castle. The two became fast friends, and Robin quickly became a part of the Draculas lives, much to the distaste of the Count and Ingrid.

Elizabeth Branaugh, the matriarch of the family, acted as a mother figure for both Vlad and Ingrid during their time in Stokely. She considered herself a friend of the Count, displaying her kind nature and hospitality whenever they were together.

The Branaughs themselves were the epitome of a normal, bubbly breather family, dressing in bright colours and always smiling. The Count, Ingrid and even Renfield felt distaste towards them because of this, with Vlad naturally gravitating towards them instead.

Chloe Branaugh, younger sister to Robin, became friends with Vlad through her brother. The twins, Ian and Paul, both fancied Ingrid — to the extent that they would do anything for her.

The patriarch, Graham, worked as a plumber. Despite being kind like his wife, he wasn't as welcoming to the Draculas, possibly with Vlad as an exception. He distrusted the Count, and often had something to say about him.

The Branaugh's fate after the fall of Stokely is unknown. It is possible that they came into contact with Ingrid after she took over, although her previous relationship with them may have meant they were spared.

Family Tree

Following is the to date accounted for members of the Branagh family.

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Family Members

The father of Ian, Paul, Robin and Chloe Branaugh; the husband of Elizabeth Branaugh
The mother of Ian, Paul, Robin and Chloe Branaugh; the wife of Graham Branaugh
The eldest sons of Graham and Elizabeth Branaugh; the eldest brothers of Robin and Chloe Branaugh
The youngest son of Graham and Elizabeth Branaugh; the youngest brother of Ian and Paul Branaugh and the elder brother of Chloe Branaugh
The youngest daughter of Graham and Elizabeth Branaugh; the youngest sister of Ian, Paul and Robin Branaugh
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