Bootiful Breathers
Series 04, Episode 11
Bootiful Breathers
Air Date 17th December 2012
Writer Davey Jones
Previous Whatever It Takes
Next Cuckoo in the Nest
"Oh for the love of Buffy"
George Lansley

Bootiful Breathers is the eleventh episode of Series 4. It aired on December 17th, 2012.


Vlad is still in denial about Bertrand's death and is lying to everyone about the mind wipe of the slayers. Ingrid's bid for a position on the Vampire High Council fails due to an outsider, and she suspects foul play. With the help of Renfield she finds out the truth - and reveals to Vlad what vampires are capable of, if left un-policed by the slayers. Vlad resolves to reverse the mind wipe. Malik helps the Count to get rid of his love rival.


  • Buffy Summers is the title character of the popular American TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003).
  • The 'breather farm' is very similar to the blood farms in the first series of Being Human (UK) and in the movie Blade: Trinity


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